Sneak Peek: Keely Goes In on Her Boyfriend K. Botchey for Pressing Her About Her Baby's Father, Bleu DaVinci

"Think twice before checking me especially about my baby daddy."

This is why asking questions is important, folks!

In the sneak peek to next week's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, a bothered K.Botchey pulls up to his girlfriend Keely's place of work to ask her why she never told him that the father of her child is Bleu DaVinci. The two men run in the same circle and don't exactly get along. Feeling offended that he would even come to her like that, Keely tells K.Botchey, "You mad because your friends told you some s--t that you should've asked me in the first f---ing place." The argument gets heated to the brink of breakup but K. Botchey hits Keely with an unvitation to his latest event. "I'ma give you some time to calm your nerves before I lose my temper and I have an event that I'm putting together with Tokyo [Vanity]. To save me a headache, and to not have to deal with the dramatic s---t, I think it's best you don't even show up," he tells her."

If that's what he wants to do, Keely is cool with it but first she reminds him to "think twice" before checking her.

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