Making It Work: Peter Gunz Sets Up Play Date Between His Children with Both Tara and Amina

Literally, so cute.

Team work really does make the dream work, at least in Peter Gunz's case. The rapper posted a picture to his Instagram of two of his youngins playing. No biggie, except that the kids, Gunner and Cori, are his children with mortal frienemies Tara and Amina.

The kids look pleased as punch. In the picture, big sis Cori kisses second youngest Gunner while holding her pretzel stick. Dad smiles down on both his kiddos, while bouncing G on his knee. It's v. cute.

It's another turn in a winding road for Peter, Tara, and Amina. While the women aren't each other's favorite person, they both, on multiple occasions, have vowed to let their children have relationships. They're doing it for the kids.

After the birth of Gunner, Tara invited and Life & Style into their home to meet the little bundle of joy.