It May Be Called 'Teyana and Iman' But It's Really Baby Junie's Show and Here's Why You Cannot Miss The Premiere

"[She has] such a pure energy, it's like 'try and be mad if you want to.'"

In case y'all didn't know, Junie is really the star of this show.

Baby Junie has changed her parents' lives for the better and is most definitely the reason you need to watch Teyana and Iman. If this power couple ever gets upset with one another, they can't keep that same vibe around their daughter. "You can't carry a bad energy around her." Iman admits that there are times when he and Teyana may run into issues, but in her adorable fashion, Junie would take their faces and force them to kiss. (Insert "awww" here.) Ain't no being mad on her watch! Love exists in all forms, and Teyana and Iman hope to "inspire love, period." How can you not believe in love after seeing Junie?

After you get over your baby fever, don't miss the premiere of Teyana and Iman coming to VH1 March 26th at 9/8c!