Bonus Clip: If Charmaine is Ever In Danger, She Will Probably Stay In Danger Because We Just Learned She Can't Yell

"I can't scream."

Charmaine is loud AF most of the time but for some odd reason, the girl can't yell. Weird.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago bonus clip, while he has the gang all gathered, Junior wants to see who has the best Mexican yell. Charmaine horribly fails at this grito contest and reveals she's unable to elevate her octaves after she had her tonsils removed some time ago. She tries to scream but some raspy airy squawk-like sound comes out instead. If Charmaine is ever in trouble, they just probably going to get her because shorty cannot call out for help for s--t.

You're better off investing in a whistle, sis. Don't miss an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago, next Wednesday at 9/8c!