Joe Budden May Have Been Let Go From Everyday Struggle and Fans Are Not Happy

Of course, he gave his two cents, but surprisingly he's not too bothered.

Joe Budden should be on cloud nine since he and his girlfriend, Cyn Santana, welcomed their first child together literally last week. But instead, Joe is on Twitter venting about his web series on Complex, Everyday Struggle. Normally Joe is beefing with someone ON Everyday Struggle, but for the past few days, he's been beefing with the show itself. There's actually some pretty strong evidence that Joe might have been let go, and Joe and his fans have been exchanging thoughts about everything as it's been going down.

Exhibit A:

According to Joe, his contract is up and he was waiting with the rest of us to find out what was happening.

Exhibit B:

Having a new baby led some to speculate maybe Joe was on some sort of paternity leave and his replacement, DJ Whoo Kid, even said the same thing. However, Joe shut that story down real quick, fast and in a hurry.

Exhibit C, D and E:

The fans are not happy but it's all good, Joe says he's got something up his sleeve.

Would you watch Everyday Struggle without Joe?

The baby may be here but listen to Cyn tell the story of the beautiful note Joe wrote for her at their baby shower.