'Hit The Floor': Meet The Devil Girls' Mother-Daughter Combo, Ahsha And Sloane

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In honor of it being one day after Mother's Day (have you called home yet?), the time has come to meet two generations of Los Angeles Devil Girls who will be taking your televisions by storm this summer. Kimberly Elise and Taylour Paige make a winning mother-daughter combination on our new scripted series, Hit The Floor, premiering Monday, May 27.

Newcomer Paige stars as Ahsha Hayes, an ambitious, young business suit-wearing job applicant, who has dreams of following her mother's (formerly hidden) path as a professional dancer. She's honest and optimistic, which will likely make her a target in the cutthroat world her mom Sloane knows all too well. Curious about what it's like for Taylour to have a real mom and a stage mom? What about any similarities Kimberly may share with her character? Allow them to explain...

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Hit The Floor premieres on Monday, May 27 at 9/8 C.


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