Somaya Reece And Her New Bae, Lady Luck, Are Spicing Up The Gram

Somaya Reece spills all the tea on her new love, Lady Luck.

Somaya Reece of the original Love & Hip Hop clan has been very busy since she last graced our TV screens so many seasons ago. Not only is her body snatched AF, she has also been in the studio and has a new boo. In case you hadn't heard, Somaya is dating rapper Lady Luck! (The same Lady Luck who held her own in a rap battle against our own Remy Ma!). Can you say cute couple alert?! We checked in with Somaya, who is beyond smitten, to get the details of her new relationship.

How did you two meet?

As an artist I like to keep up with other dope MCs. While looking through YouTube videos I came across a few of her freestyles. I was floored at how ridiculously talented, charismatic and drop dead gorgeous she was! I didn't know how to contact her so I admired her from a far. When I arrived to New York to film LHHNY I realized we knew a mutual friend. I asked her to introduce us. From the moment our friend introduced us we clicked and got along well. She was the first female MC that embraced me in New York when no one else would. We clicked on a friendship level and our art. Which eventually lead to a music and business collaboration between us. We did a record together called "Boss Lady" that we featured Rasheeda from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

What made you fall for her?

She embraced me when no one else did in New York which made me fall and love her. (Love as a friend at the time.) Not to mention her humor is to die for. She is HILARIOUS! Anyone who knows me well knows the way to my heart is to keep me laughing. I also loved how private she is. She's not everywhere with everybody. I had a crush on her during our entire friendship but was too shy to tell her. As unconventional as this sounds we were at a strip club and I pretty much gave her the "eye" and we kissed outside the strip club. We kept in touch through out the years but nothing came about after the kiss except continuous flirting and a growing friendship. Until now that is.

One night we were having a simple chat about our fitness, our soul searching experience, being single etc., and we both kind of were like "Sooooooo you're single, and I'm single, hello what we doing?" We dated for a short time after that conversation and fell for each other. The chemistry and timing was just right so we made it official. We both believe the universe brought us together. She's the most amazingly grown woman I have ever met next to my mother. She's driven, intelligent, creative, with a huge heart and treats me like like a queen. I am very happy, we are both very happy with one another. I'm glad we were friends first.

Is this the first woman you've dated or has this always been a part of who you are? Did it happen after you were on Love and Hip Hop?

I just finished filming a new television show which I reveal this in great detail, so I can't discuss the details regarding that at the moment. However, I can say this is my first time at real unconditional LOVE. I love this woman and she loves me! It's an amazing feeling that is so raw, natural and honest. As far as why you never saw it on Love and Hip Hop, I was asked by show producers if I wanted to bring a woman as my love interest on the show once they heard a little rumor about me dating women. But I wasn't dating anyone in particular at that time so it never happened.

During my soul search I decided I'm going to live my life as happy as I want regardless of how it looks to anyone! Love has no color or gender and I refuse to label it. This is my life with my girl. We couldn't be happier.