TIP Presses His Wife in the ' Family Hustle' Sneak Peek, Says Tiny Is Messed Up For Spending Time With A Man He's At Odds With

We THINK his name rhymes with Schmoyd Schmaywether?

TIP is convinced Tiny has also stepped out on their marriage but she adamantly denies that as the two openly discuss their alleged infidelities in the T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle sneak peek.

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The conversation gets extremely real when the couple discusses how they have reached this point in their marriage. TIP comes at Tiny for moving out of the house and she immediately defends her decision because, to her, it was TIP's fault. He apparently hooked up with a friend of Tiny's who was hired by her and that right there was the ultimate betrayal. Tiny says she is not intertwining her soul with anybody and TIP pulls out some cards of his own. He speaks to Tiny about a "man" she allegedly was running around with, chilling at his house and dancing with him knowing he doesn't get along with the King of the South. TIP doesn't know what he's talking about according to Tiny and despite what he thinks, she says she has never had relations with this mystery man.

Tiny just wants to be treated like a woman but this offends TIP OD because he has spent millions on her throughout the years. A tit-for-tat convo ensues and Tiny ends off by saying that every move she has made even with this man was a direct reaction to TIP's actions. Life and growth just happens along the way and people just change. There's nothing you can do about that.

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