Shame on You for Forgetting J.Lo Has the Original Best Butt

It's like we don't even know you anymore.

Until rear end royalty like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Nicki Minaj came along, there was a booty that ruled as the almighty queen of the world. All of these ladies' behinds are beautiful in their own right, but don't you dare forget about the one that came first.

In a time before butt implants were all the rage, Jennifer Lopez, who celebrates her 48th birthday today, wowed and mesmerized us with her bountiful booty of perfect shape, size, and proportion. And 100 percent all J.Lo. In fact, there may never be another quite up to par.

Jen really got our attention when she and her butt put on a fabulous portrayal of Selena in 1997.

Iconic costumes made complete with an even more iconic behind.

Her "Waiting for Tonight" video debuted in 1999, where she shook it like this:

And had us all like this:

From then on, it was practically all anyone could ever think about.

And she gave the people what they wanted.

At the Grammys in 2000, Jennifer and her history-making dress had a love child known as Google Image.

No one could get over it, and pure text on Google just wouldn't suffice anymore.

Here it was from the back, btw.

Just as perfect.

Then the 2000 VMAs rolled around, and she proudly rocked those cheeks.

Like, "Oh that? It's just my perfect butt taking on a life of its own, NBD."

Ever since, her junk in the trunk has been honored in song.

In Kanye's "Gold Digger," he says: "My psychic told me she'll have an ass like Serena, Trina, Jennifer Lopez."

Everyone wanted and needed a piece of it.


And this moment from her 2002 "Jenny From the Block" video was the highlight of Ben Affleck's life.

And our lives.

The best part is, she's not even trying.

J.Lo's booty is a legend on its own. In 2014, she said: "In Hollywood, it’s a little bit of a novelty. But for us, who grew up where we grew up, it wasn’t that big of a deal! From when I was very young, my family would be like, ‘Jennifer’s got a [big butt].’ I was endowed in that area.”

Bow down to queen who was twerking when Iggy was still in grade school.

Whose butt is still phenom when she's performing.

Again, she's 48 years old today. So.

Still phenom in music videos.

I don't think that's human, tbh.

And still phenom on the red carpet.

It will never be stopped.

Nor should it be.

Pose on, posers. Just know the J.Lo butt is a legend of a lifetime.