Through The Good, The Bad, & The Messy, These VH1 Stars Have Hit Some Milestone Moments This Year So Clap It Up For Them One Time!

Weddings, proposals, babies + more!

2015 has been one hell of a year, especially for certain members of the VH1 family. It takes a lot to document your life, the good and the bad, on national television. We shared fights, smiles, tears and celebrations. Whether a wedding, engagement, or a brand new edition to their families, these people need major props for the milestone moments they had this year.

That Time When Momma Dee & Ernest Got Married

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Scrappy almost didn't make it to the wedding because he wasn't really feeling Ernest (I mean, Momma Dee did put him in jail) but bygones, right?

That Time When Princess and Ray J Got Engaged

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Ray is done with the little kid games and finally put a ring on it. It's about time, like...have you seen Princess?!

That Time Yandy and Mendeecees Had a Daughter

Baby Skylar was born in January, 2015.

That Time Apryl and Omarion Announced They Were Having Another Child

We already know how adorbs Megaa is, so we can't imagine how beautiful their little girl will be. (We do have a clue about her name, though.) Blessings to the Grandberrys!

That Time When Carmen Carrera and Adrian Torres Renewed Their Nuptials

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Carmen and Adrian didn't get it exactly how they wanted to the first time around, because Carmen was still in transition. Now that she looks bad AF, Adrian finally wanted to give her the wedding she deserved. It may not have been her dream wedding that she envisioned, but it was perfect nonetheless.

That Time When Benzino and Althea Welcomed Their Beautiful Baby Zino

Their relationship had been tumultuous in the past but life couldn't be better for the pair, especially with the birth of beautiful baby Zino!

That Time When Ceaser Finally Popped The Question To Dutchess

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There has been a divide in the shop ever since Dutchess and Ceaser decided to begin a relationship. Ceaser stayed true to his "deal with it" attitude and booked a flight to Paris to surprise his lady with an engagement ring at one of the most romantic places in the world.

That Time Emily B Gave Birth To Her Beautiful Baby Boy

Emily B's family is everything. Look at those cheeks! Congrats on the birth of baby Jonas!

That Time Yandy & Mendeecees Got Married

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Yandy and Mendeecees have been going through a lot, with the release of Mendeecees from prison, to his sentencing to go right back. One thing they new for sure was they want to spend be together for the rest of their lives together. Congrats to the Harrises!

That Time Amber Found Out Her Best Friend Was No Longer Her Soulmate

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In this iconic moment in reality TV history, Miles, a rapper x black man x in hHllywood, decided to come out on national television. It wasn't easy for him or his family. It was even more heartbreaking to see Amber, the woman who's loved him since high school, find out Miles' truth.