14 Spectacularly Awful Ways to Screw up a First Date

#7: Cause a scene when the bill comes.

Oh, the beauty of the first date. Hearts are fluttering. Conversation is flowing. Love is blooming! That is, unless it's not.

We're not going to sugarcoat this one for you: First dates are a big deal. The first date is your chance to show your best you, to get to know that special someone and to make a strong impression on the person who, if really you think about it, could literally be that fellow human you decide to spend the rest of your life with. That's MAJOR. As Kylie Jenner likely tells Tyga on a daily basis, "You do NOT want to f-ck this up."

If you're curious as to how you could potentially screw up a first date, please see the following list. Tune into VH1 now until Valentine's Day to catch your favorite rom-coms.

Some of us are just meant to be single (and fabulous) forever.

Show up late. And with an attitude.

Showing up fashionably late? Alright, we get it. You're playing it cool or whatever. Showing up late and with an attitude? No excuse for that.

Unload your work drama on your date.

Leave the work drama at the office. NO ONE is interested.

Talk about yourself too much.

Asking questions shows your date that you're interested in getting to know her, which we're assuming you want to do since you're taking her out. Right?

Judge your date for the food or drink(s) she orders.

Sometimes a gal just wants to wash down some mozzarella sticks with Vodka and cranberry juice. Can she even live?

Bring a second date.

Pull this stunt and you just might end up with no dates at all.

Be on your phone the whole time.


Cause a scene when the bill comes.

Oh, your credit card isn't working at the moment? Looks like my number in your phone won't be working from now on, either...

Bash your ex(es).

This is truly an excellent way to show your date that (1) you're a mature adult who doesn't hold on to the past and (2) you'll respect her if things don't work out.

Drink too much.

Applebee's, man. They hit you with those drink specials!

Have bad table manners.

If your burp shakes the table, we're going to have a problem.

Be rude to the wait staff.

Remember: They're the ones handling your food.

Spark a full blown debate.

That's why they advise against talking about religion, politics, etc. on the first date, no?

Go out to a place where you can't even hear each other talk.

You'll really get to know each other this way.

Have no idea what your date's name is.

Make this one of the questions you ask. For your own sake.

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