Legal Update: Find Out The Verdict In Teairra Mari's Court Case For Beating Up An Uber Driver

Hopefully her ban was lifted, a girl's gotta get to the club somehow.

Teairra Mari can finally rest easy now that her case against an Uber driver has officially been dropped. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star is off the hook for allegedly beating the breaks off the driver because the driver never showed up to court. According to TMZ, all three charges against the "Sponsor" singer were dropped after prosecutors moved to dismiss them. Teairra's attorney, Lonnie Brandon, tells TMZ that the driver knew his claims were insubstantial. Whether TiTi really dragged the poor driver to then steal his phone charger is still unknown but it doesn't matter because Teairra is a free, and a richer woman now that her $26k bail money has been returned to her.

At the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, Teairra admitted that his situation has opened her eyes to the fact she may have a drinking problem, something she insists she has been working to resolve.

We're happy to see Teairra can finally play "Uber Everywhere" and mean the lyrics.

In this video from the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, Teairra shares how she's been struggling with a drinking problem.