'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's' Rasheeda Frost and Mimi Faust Spill the Tea About Motherhood

These ladies are sippin' and spillin' all the tea!

When Rasheeda Frost and Mimi Faust aren't running Atlanta, they're running their families. These moms got together to sip tea and spill it when it comes to parenting. They talk about what kind of moms they are, how their children have them wrapped around their fingers, and how hard it is to be a disciplinarian when you just want to love on your kids.

Rasheeda thinks that she's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom.


And Mimi definitely agrees.


When it comes to passing down traits and traditions to their kids, the women have high hopes. Rasheeda hopes that her kids will inherit her business sense. She wants her kids to be wonderful at anything they choose to pursue, but hopes that they can "look to their mama and be like, 'My mama did it, so I want to do it too.'"

As for Mimi, she thinks that Eva will get her sense of rhythm and love of dance. In fact, Mimi insists that, when she had Eva, she "lost [her] sense of rhythm and passed it right on down to her!" Rasheeda says, "You didn't lose it, she took it from you!"

These two are serious #MomGoals. Just check out the adorable behind the scenes footage from the shoot. It is so good to see these ladies hanging out and swapping stories about motherhood.

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