Did Guns N' Roses Plagiarize "Sweet Child O' Mine"? This Australian Band Seems To Think So

Australian Crawl's James Reyne says, "It's not inconceivable."

Almost 30 years since its release, the classic hit "Sweet Child O' Mine" by legendary rock band Guns N' Roses is under investigation for plagiarism. The record reportedly sounds too familiar to the band Australian Crawl's “Unpublished Critics,” from 1981.

The frontman of the Aussie band, James Reyne, spoke out to the blog Max TV on where the plagiarism could have taken place. He stated, "'Unpublished Critics' has the same chugging chord progression, a similarly-sweeping lead break, the verse melody, and the elongated one-syllable vocal in the chorus.

Australian Crawl's “Unpublished Critics" came out six years before Guns N' Roses released 'Sweet Child O’ Mine' on the same label (Geffen Records). What do you think? Did Guns N' Roses plagiarize, or is it all mere coincidence? Either way we're still hoping for a reunion.