Drew Elliott Has His Shadiest Exit Interview Yet With the Latest Model Eliminated From 'America's Next Top Model'

She may have been little, but she was fierce.

This week on America's Next Top Model the remaining contestants had to let their personalities shine in an ANTM mobile game competition and shoot a video vixen video with Director X. The competition is getting more and more fierce, and one model was clearly feeling the heat and getting into her competitive spirit. All of the attitude in the world couldn't help her from falling flat on camera, though.

After a lackluster performance in her video vixen shoot, the judges decided that it was time to send Jeana Turner packing. The shortest model in the competition, she may have been little but her attitude once she hit the final six became fierce. She even called Law Roach a "sassy b-tch" in one of her confessionals.

Drew Elliott sat down with Jeana for an interview full of shade. First, when he asks her what her advice would be for someone entering the competition, she says:


To which he responds:


And the shade doesn't stop there! Drew brings up a moment that the viewers didn't get to see where, during their desert photo shoot, one of the tents that the crew had set up ended up hitting Jeana in the head. She was upset that the other girls were mocking her and acting like she made the whole situation up. "I'm not the girl that makes excuses," she insists. But Drew comes back with:


And when she tries to defend herself, saying that she never made excuses in panel, Drew is like:


Then the two get to talking about the nature of the competition and what Jeana thought the girls might have been saying about her behind her back. Jeana responds, "You know those b-tches didn't want me there!" To which Drew replies, "Because you were a complainer? Or because you were a competitor."


You've got to see it all go down in the exit interview above. Tune in to America's Next Top Model on Tuesdays at 8/7c for more signature Drew Elliott shade.