Rocky Gerner Gets Honest About Why He Suppresses His Feelings When It Comes To Janice Dickinson

And confesses he can't take years of this: "Ultimately, it won't work out!"

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It's time for Dr. Rocky Gerner to face Dr. Jenn on this week's Couples Therapy.

During their one-on-one session, Rocky confesses he has just realized his similarities with Neil Murphy and how they both tolerate things they shouldn't from the women they love. Rocky explains that "as a doctor, you have to suppress your feelings, it gets engrained" and Dr. Jenn is straight to the point with him, "You really learned to disassociate from your feelings so that you could help other people, which is what you've been doing in your relationship with Janice!"

Well, is Janice the issue here? According to Dr. Jenn, she is hypersensitive to criticism, and "anything you say to her that isn't 100% positive, she has a very strong reaction to," and Rocky agrees. "That needs to stop."

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