Here's Liz Phair Dancing To "Blurred Lines" While Wearing Nothing But A Swimsuit

Indie rock legend Liz Phair is currently in the studio with Ryan Adams recording the follow-up to her, um, experimental 2010 LP, Funstyle. This highly anticipated collaboration does not yet have a release date attached to it, and we're more than fine with that: We'd rather see her take her time and release something worthy of her considerable talents than to rush the creative process. Besides, if she was crashing to get a record out the door, she probably wouldn't have as much time to experiment with Twitter's fledgling short-form video service, Vine.

We didn't realize that @phizlair was even on Vine until today, so we did a little scouring of her archive and discovered this gem from June 1 where a bathing suit-clad Phair shimmies to the Song Of The Summer, Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Eat your heart out, Emily Ratajkowski!

[Photo: Getty Images]