Are You Cancelling Jason Momoa After This Terrible Joke He Once Made About Women?

Bad breakup.

Women all over the internet have just cancelled Jason Momoa like a bad check after a video resurfaced of the Game Of Thrones star making a horrifying joke about rape. Why, Jason? Why?


In the below clip, the hunky actor spoke at a Game Of Thrones panel in 2011 saying, "As far as sci-fi and fantasy go as a genre there is so many things you can do… like rape beautiful women." A roar of laughter from the audience follows, while his co-stars palm their faces in embarrassment.

A month after this panel, the actor did some damage control via the New York Post where he explained that the rape scenes in GoT actually made him uncomfortable. "I’m not a rapist!," he said in relation to his character Khal Drogo. "I prefer my women to enjoy sex. Unfortunately, the internet is not so forgiving.

The clip was dug up as dozens of celebrities (men and women) come forward about the rampant sexual assault, harassment, and rape that goes on in Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein was recently outed for his nearly three decade long history of allegedly sexually assaulting actresses. Soon after, Ben Affleck was called out for his own inappropriate behavior after condemning Weinstein on Twitter.

Now that Momoa's transgressions have resurfaced, some of his fans out there who are just seeing this clip for the first time are crossing Mr. Hottie McHotterson off their bae list.

Jeez, who's next? We shutter to think.

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