5 Reasons Why J.Cole's "4 Your Eyez Only" Documentary Will Make You a Diehard Fan

Here's what our "eyez" observed.

Out of all the finales and premieres that filled our weekend schedules, J. Cole's stunning "4 Your Eyez Only" documentary on HBO gave us a lot to chew on. The Roc Nation rapper got his Lemonade on with a 40-minute visual presentation accompanied by songs from his album of the same name. In under an hour, Cole unpacked the intense stories of men and women he met on a trip to predominantly Black cities in the Midwest and the south that have been hotbeds of political unrest and racial tension in recent years.

Rather than divulge the details of his private life (sorry, no photos of the baby!), Cole simply played the role of observer and let the pain and pride of the people he examines speak louder. The certified platinum rapper dropped some very important gems that we all could learn from. Check out all of our takeaways.

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