Watch Margot Robbie School Will Smith In a Game of Insults

Never come at Margot Robbie!

With their highly anticipated film Suicide Squad receiving mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, Will Smith and Margot Robbie still find time for a few jokes and laughs.

The two hilariously dissed each other on the most recent episode of BBC'S Playground Insults. During the show, Will quickly finds out to not go toe-to-toe with Robbie in a game of insults. She threw several jabs including "You're so old, I had to Google The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," who was just two months old when Smith's sitcom began airing in the fall of 1990. Also, "You were the worst-looking cast member in I Am Legend," she continues, as Smith points out that said cast consisted of "me, zombies and a dog."

Finally, Smith goes for the "I slept with your mother" joke. But Robbie easily parries with a joke about his not-so-"Big Willie." Don't mess with Margot Robbie, or you will get schooled. Watch the full clip below.