Find Out What You Need To Know About Veronica Vega's Relationship With Pitbull, Her Viral Hit, and Her DGAF Response To Critics

"I love every single thing that anybody has to say... it doesn't matter if it's good or bad."

She is bold, talented, determined to take over the music industry, and she doesn't give a flying f---k about anyone's opinions about her. As long as y'all are watching, Veronica Vega feels like she is #winning.

Veronica Vega hails from Hialeah, Florida, the product of Cuban parents. According to herofficial website, she's had a passion for all Latin sounds (Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia) from an extremely young age. Her unique sound is a blend of diverse genres from reggae to hip-hop to soul. She's an artist and she is a lot more than the pretty face who caught Young Hollywood's eye.

There you have it! She is here to stay and is not backing down from getting to that crown.


If she doesn't care about what anyone has to say aside from family, something tells us she won't be phased by Amara La Negra's critiques of her in this week's Check Yourself.