This Week On Mad Men: Pete Needs Some Toilet Paper!

Like always, there was a lot of smoking, drinking and sex this week on Mad Men. On top of that, there was North Korea dinner chat, awkward brothel scenes, and Heinz ketchup got all over everything. We missed #BettyWhatTheHell, but hopefully next week we’ll catch up with her shenanigans. Here are the Top 10 moments from Mad Men the Women’s Movement is trying to forget about. Here we go!

10. It’s one thing to play a sexy character like Don Draper, but it’s another thing to be an amazing actor in an amazing show that also DIRECTS!!! Yeah JON HAMM!!!!

9. Spoiler alert: Don is at his old ways AGAIN; lying and cheating with a woman in his own BUILDING!

8. Trudy FINALLY caught Pete after years of cheating, and basically kicked him out of the house.

7. Who knew Heinz Ketchup executives were such pricks?

6. We get to see more into the past of Don Draper, by getting a glimpse of him as a boy with his mom working in a brothel.

5. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see #BettyWhatTheHell this week, but I predict she’s probably smoking somewhere in Westchester.


4. Don’s quote of the night: “Sometimes you gotta dance with the one that brung ya;” basically saying, you should be loyal to the ones that give you opportunities; AKA, Heinz Beans! Very wise and smart Don, so why can’t you resolve your childhood issuessss????????!!!!!!

3. Pete has a co-worker go on a toilet paper run for him. What an A-HOLE!

2. Peggy has some decisions to make on whether she’ll give her new company inside information about Heinz from her old company….she still has HUGE balls though.

1. I’m convinced EVERYONE just wants to bang EVERYONE on this show.

See you next week for another MAD MEN RE-CAP!