You'll Ugly Cry When You See Sky Open Up To The Black Ink Fam About Her Kids

"When it comes to her kids, it's her kryptonite."

Warning: Have some tissues at hand when you watch this Black Ink Crew highlight.

As soon as Sky walks into the shop, the whole crew can tell she's having a rough day. When they ask what's up, she reveals that her son's birthday just passed. Sky gave up her two young boys for adoption when she was a teenager, so talking about them typically makes her emotional. This time is no exception.

She goes on to tell them about how the last time she saw her boys she took them trick or treating, and bringing up the memory causes her to break down. Now that her boys are almost of age, Sky's been thinking about reaching out to them, but has some internal conflict about it.

She explains, "on your end you're saying, 'I don't wanna mess up no routine that they got going,' but they could be on their end thinking that you hate them."