Sneak Peek: For Khaotic, The Only Thing More Painful Than Getting A Face Tattoo Is The Time He Got Shot 17 Times

"I'm supposed to be dead."

Prince is definitely a handsome man, but in this Love & Hip Hop Miami sneak peek, Khaotic wants him to dirty up that pretty mug with a face tattoo. Prince politely declines, but watches in horror as Khaotic get one right between the eyes. Khaotic explains that he's getting his facial ink to cover up the bullet wounds, one of seventeen bullet wounds he has, to be exact. "I walked into a whole ambush and was left for dead," Khaotic says before showing off all his scars. The tattoo on his forehead though? "This represents life, because I'm supposed to be dead." Khaotic's ready to get his life right though and he's all about moving forward.

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