Sneak Peek: Duffey Says Angel Love Doesn't Have A Ring Because She's Too Busy Grinding On Men In Music Videos

"I'm tired of people thinking I'm lying on Angel Love. I have no reason to lie on this woman. Let me tell you the real tea, Tami. This girl be getting down, honey!

Well damn, tell 'em why you mad, Duffey.

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Duffey helps Tami get auditions poppin' for her daughter, Jazz's music video but not before spilling the tea on Angel Love in this Basketball Wives LA sneak peek.

Before getting down to business, Tami tells Duffey of Angel's designer scrubs line and it only takes 2.3 seconds to get into why Duffey has an issue with Miss Love. Duffey admits that spiking Angel Love's shot with Jackie's strong a-- alcohol was wrong, but Angel Love definitely sent the DJ some low blows in return. Duffey says even if she wanted to have bodies, who's business is it? She doesn't though, which is why she has a ring and Angel is grinding on men in music videos. Oop! After seeing how Angel gets down in said videos, even Tami is left in shock.

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