10 Things Every Shawn Mendes Fan Needs To Know About Him

How about how he's afraid of (character limit exceeded).

You know Shawn Mendes is from Toronto. He's a Vine phenomenon. He first got noticed singing Justin Bieber, and today, he's officially 17 years old.

But do you know what the first album he ever bought was? Or which two languages he's currently learning? His celebrity crush? Find out more about the "Life Of The Party" below, and check out his debut album, Handwritten, here.

His musical idol is Ed Sheeran.

Two years ago, Shawn told HonestBlue that his biggest musical influence was Ed Sheeran. Two years later, that still holds true. Shawn told Billboard in April that he wants to be the next Ed. "[Ed's] whole style is not fake at all," he said. "That's how I want to be."

Ed's a fan of Shawn, as well. He even flew Shawn out to LA so the two could get dinner. Hear Shawn cover Ed's "Thinking Out Loud" here.

The first album he ever bought was either Shania Twain or Miley Cyrus.

Shawn revealed his first album purchase to HonestBlue two years ago. "I'm pretty sure that a Shania Twain or Hannah Montana album was the first one I've ever bought," he said.

He hates tomatoes.

Shawn loves muffins, and "really, really hates tomatoes," according to The Telegraph. Also, his favorite word is surreal, and he's super self-conscious of his handwriting.

He was named one of the 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014 by Time.

Shawn has over 4 million Vine followers and over a million subscribers to his Vevo YouTube channel. It's no wonder that Time Magazine named him — along with Malala Yousafzai, Jaden Smith, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner — one of the 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014.

He once helped Nick Jonas pick out his album cover.

@shawnmendes helping me pick out my album cover. @islandrecords @thisiswong @davidmassey123

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Just a typical day for these two dudes, pickin' out album covers and stuff.

He works out every day.


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Shawn told US Magazine that he works out every day (and it shows, right?). He also revealed that he's broken his phone screen over five times and once got a tweet back from The Rock.

He's learning to speak French and Spanish.

Shawn told BBC that he's trying to learn new languages to help break down language barriers between him and his fans. "I've been crazy obsessed with trying to learn languages," he said. "I'm doing French and Spanish at the same time."

He's terrified of the ocean.

“There’s nothing that scares me more than, like, being in the ocean by myself," Shawn told MTV last year. I feel that, Shawn, I feel that.

His celebrity crush is Rachel McAdams. asked Shawn who his celebrity crush was back in September. His response: "Rachel McAdams because she is a babe!" Can you blame him?

He's currently on tour with Taylor Swift.

A nod from Taylor Swift is a powerful thing. Taylor asked Shawn, along with You Oughta Know alum Vance Joy, to open for her on her 1989 World Tour. Check out dates and tickets here.