DJ Self Attempts To Take Mariahlynn And Major Galore's Beef From The Streets to The Stage

“I can’t have my two artists talking about each other in the streets.”

In this Love & Hip Hop highlight clip, DJ Self gets Mariahlynn and Major Galore in the same room in hopes that they can become one big Gwinin Entertainment family. It doesn't exactly work out that way, unsurprisingly.

Instead, the women start going back and forth about some petty ish, and show no signs of playing nice anytime soon. So, Self has to get creative. He proposes the two battle each other onstage for a spot on the big stage at Powerhouse. Major's skeptical at first because she thinks it'll just make things more catty. Self tells them that they should just use that anger and energy for musical inspiration, and they agree.

This battle probably won't bring us a diss track on the level of "Back to Back," but it'll be entertaining to see nonetheless.

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