Tiffany Pollard Describes (In Detail) Sex with Flava Flav to a Horrified Charlamagne on Brunch with Tiffany

"I did squeeze it and it was so big. Like, literally it hit his kneecap."

Tiffany Pollard experienced her first blow as host of her own talk show when Rick Ross had to cancel his scheduled appearance. The disappointed Brunch with Tiffany host was fortunate, though, that radio host and Black Privilege author Charlamagne Tha God popped by the swanky Hunt & Fish when he caught wind of the cancellation.

Tiffany quickly turns on her charm to get to the bottom of why Charlamagne blasted her on The Breakfast Club in the late '00s, claiming that she had disappeared into obscurity and was probably working at a Burger King. "I like it when men have it their way with me but I have never flipped any burgers." The twosome cover everything from rap beef and Charlamagne's experiences with both Birdman and Nas to Tiffany's sex life with ex-boyfriend Flava Flav.

Tiffany admits that when she was known as "New York" she did have sex with Flav and that it was "magical." The host explains, "[When I met Flav] he's taking me out in limos, he's living in mansions and everything and I did squeeze it and it was so big. Like, literally it hit his kneecap." Charlamagne's reactions go from offended to apathetic to downright horrified as Tiffany continues to elaborate on the experience.

Savor this interview, just like Tiffany savors her lobster. It's downright magical.

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