Biggest Moments of 2015: K.Michelle Says Reuniting with Her Son's Father Was the "Best Thing"

"I wouldn’t have been ready to film with Brian back when I started doing reality TV."

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In an exclusive conversation with VH1, K.Michelle opened up about reconnecting with her son's father Brian on the first season of K.Michelle: My Life.

Reconnecting with Chase's father was something that needed to be done so I could grow. I hadn’t seen Brian in years and we didn’t end on great terms but growing up, as a woman, I know it's most important that my son has both parents in his life and that we do not fight.

I was very nervous about seeing Brian the day that we were shooting. I was really antsy and agitated because you just don’t know what to expect after you end it on such an awful note years ago. When I finally saw Brian, everything was cool. I was so happy that he apologized [for the way we had broken up] because he had never apologized to me before for the things that I thought he did. After that meeting our relationship is really great. My son went with him again this summer and we are even having conversations outside of what's going on with Chase. We are actually becoming friends so that was a pivotal moment in our relationship as parents.

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The whole meet up was super weird because I was just looking at his face and I haven’t seen that face in forever. Somebody I used to see everyday turned into somebody that I basically never see. It was very awkward but by the middle of the shoot we got it off our chests and were able to really film and just really talk after that. Super weird initially but after that it was the best thing.

I wouldn’t have been ready to film with Brian back when I started doing reality TV. It was very hard for me on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's first season because I wasn’t prepared and I was very emotional. Reality TV shows can be highly produced, I will honestly say that. For me, my biggest goal was to not let my show become overly produced. Every time you see me on TV, I am not lying and it is not scripted. That to me is very, very important.

Now that Brian and I reconnected Chase is so happy, you can see the difference. Ever since he was born I tried not to talk about his father because I thought whatever I had against his father should affect Chase. Kids are very smart though and just because I didn't talk about him, he felt like, "They don't like each other." Now Brian and I can laugh and talk and our son can see that.

As told to Damian Bellino