Co-Worker Turned Crush? Alex Reveals His Feelings For Donna Are Deeper Than We All Thought

WIll Donna take the bait, or is she done dealing with coworkers?

While Donna is currently on the outs with her boyfriend Moe, Alex sees this as a perfect opportunity to get some things off his chest in this Black Ink Crew moment.

As Donna is getting ready to head to the pool, Alex pops in on her to talk about "that video," saying it wasn't just a one-time fling for him. Sure, a guy nicknamed "Vagina Slayer" isn't the one you'd expect to be pursue a serious romantic relationship. However, Donna has brought out another side of him. "I don't look at it as you being...whatever way that other people view you," he confesses. "It was deeper than that, because I actually do have feelings for you."

Donna's eyes light up with flattery as a vulnerable Alex confesses his feelings. Question is...will they become more than just co-workers? Find out when Black Ink Crew returns next Wednesday at 9/8c only on VH1.