MariahLynn Catches Her Boyfriend With Sophia Body and Proceeds to Snatch Her Up in the Love & Hip Hop' Sneak Peek

"You knew that he was with me right?"

Word to the wise: If MariahLynn asks you a question try to respond respectfully, otherwise you're likely to get grabbed up for talking slick.

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In the Love & Hip Hop sneak peek, James R. is getting real seductive with Sophia Body in the telly for a video. The acting seems a little too genuine and Sophia is certainly living up to the name of his song, "Bad Girl." MariahLynn's boyfriend feels the energy in the room and begins to get a bit flirtatious with his vixen. Mariah pulls up to show support to her man to prove that she has his back as much as he claimed to have hers while at her single release party thrown by DJ Self. Surprise, surprise, Mariah is taken aback to see James smitten with Sophia who wastes no time to ask about their situation because James is apparently singing a different tune. In trying to clear his name, James makes things even cloudier when he's all of a sudden claiming to be single and now, he has MariahLynn all effed up. The truth comes out and when Sophia Body gets a little too sassy in speaking, Mariah finds herself with a handful of blonde hair ready to drag the girl.

A great philosopher named Nivea said it best, "don't mess with my man, 'cause I will be the one to bring it to you." And brought it MariahLynn did. Yikes. Don't miss an all new Love & Hip Hop next Monday at 8/7c!