Ryan Sets The Record Straight For Everyone Who's Mad At Him Over Getting Rid Of The Old 9Mag

"What I decide to do with my business and brand is my choice for a better me and future."

A lot of fans are really not happy with how the season finale of Black Ink Crew: Chicago played out.

On the episode, Ryan wrapped up season 5 by letting his crew know that the old 9Mag has got to go, which, of course included firing some of the people he's been working with since the beginning.

With most of the OG tattoo crew now left unemployed, certain cast members took it worse than others. While Van was straight to the point in saying, "Don't cry about it man, just get another job," Charmaine and Bella aren't exactly taking the news well.

After the episode aired, a lot of fans had similar reactions to the employees Ryan left jobless, pointing out that all the shenanigans surrounding the shop are why people watch the show in the first place.

Ryan quickly caught wind of all the backlash coming his way on social media, which is when he took to Instagram to set the record straight about his business and his friendships.

He posted a series of behind-the-scenes clips to his IG, proving that regardless of what fans might think from the footage that airs, the cast and crew really do have a good time together. He also included some slides of his day one crew and some of their newer business ventures, like Charmaine's hosting gig, Phor with his music career, and Lily's eyelash line.

And for everyone out there who thinks the show is over since the old shop is no more, Ryan made sure to wrap up his post with, "see y’all Season 6!"

Guess we'll have to wait until then to see the fate of all our favorite stars post-9Mag.