Evelyn and Tami Both Pulled Receipts Out Last Night About What Went Down with Jackie and Her Daughter

"To be clear Jackie Christie called me and had a lot to say--despicable mother came from her and I repeated it."

When it comes to this season of Basketball Wives the veterans are not playing. Both Evelyn and Tami came armed with receipts to Instagram last night after they saw the most recent episode.

Ev started things off, posting the alleged "messy" comment she left on Jackie's daughter Ta'Kari's post.

Nothing can prepare us to deal with such an unfortunate incident. I can only imagine, as a mother the anguish that you are going through. God doesn't give us more than we handle, stay strong, do your best always and he will lead the way. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your baby and loved ones.

Tami followed up, making it clear, that things were taken out of context and she one-hundred percent has the exchange between she and Jackie to prove it.

To be clear Jackie Christie called ME and had a lot to say - despicable mother came from her and I repeated it. She asked to see the post and asked what were Evelyn's intentions - I sent her the post via DM which was already on The Shaderoom, so no secret there...I also said Evelyn's comment was sweet but I didn't know her intentions (which was an answer to the question Jackie asked me in a phone conversation) I also told Jackie my issues with Evelyn is NOT her issue and to spend time with her and form her own opinion. Of course that was edited out. As it pertains to this "baby situation" it was brought to me, within a storyline, I could care less. I won't perpetuate this BS and I will NOT allow ppl to continue to portray me as a bad person. It sucks, it's draining and tiresome to have to rebuild based on lies, poor editing and overall BS.

Will Tami and Evelyn ever get back to a place of being cool like they once were? Find out on an all new Basketball Wives next Monday at 9/8c.