Let's Be Clear, Erica Mena Is Not the One In This Confrontation With Just Brittany

Looks like Just Brittany finally met her match.

Somehow a fight between Estelita and Stevie turns into a war of the words between Erica Mena and Just Brittany.

Just Brittany probably made a name for herself on VH1's Signed and was known for her attitude and drama with other girls in the competition. If she thought she was going to be the queen bee on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta she has another thing coming. When Estelita confronts Stevie about his poor management skills, he tries to deflect by introducing them to his new artist, Just Brittany, and asks her to talk about her grind in music. Just Brittany says she's never slept her way to the top and is not pleased when Erica says, "That's what they all say, when they mention it that's because they're guilty." She tries to be clear in saying that's not her M.O. and Erica asks her to be clear on her shoe size because it looks like Brittany's toes are clingy to the floor for dear life. Erica isn't done and tells Brittany how she feels about this $2 Fashion Nova outfit she has on and says that it looks like Brittany "has a yeast infection on [her] face." While Erica says it's clear that Brittany doesn't know her shoe size, it's even more clear that Erica Mena is hands down the clapback queen of Atlanta.

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