'Scandal': Wasn't It Cute That David Rosen Thought He Could Take Down Hunky Jake Ballard?

-Michael Arceneaux

On tonight's episode of Scandal, David Rosen continued to behave like he was on Sesame Street as opposed to Scandal — securing a death wish in the process. Meanwhile, Olivia Pope continued to actually work on both her job (which is not always in her interest, as we’ve learned in later seasons) and her new sidepiece. And then there is Jake Ballard, who is playing no games with his B-316 underlings.

1. Isn’t it cute that David Rosen thought he could threaten Jake Ballard?

Jake Ballard has punked David Rosen every single chance he gets. Jake Ballard has long proven himself to be ruthless and conniving when need be. Jake Ballard has made it painfully clear time and time again that if you push him, he will pull your head off with his pinky finger. With all that understood, why on Earth would David Rosen think he could coerce David Ballard into anything, much less take down B-613?

2. How do we feel about Mellie’s half-sister, Harmony?

She gives me character from Mama’s Family, but I absolutely love her. Now, Mellie couldn’t stand her ass, but that’s because she’s still salty over her daddy bedding her mama back in the day. Their beef aside, I quite enjoyed getting some backstory on Mellie Mel.

3. Aren’t you glad Abby and Olivia are back to being BFFs?

It was nice to see them speak on the phone in pleasant tones. They may no longer work together, but they’re back to acting like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga around the time the videos to the “Video Phone (Extended Mix)” and “Telephone” dropped.

4. What took Jake so long to kill all of those suspects?

Well, as we eventually found out, it wasn’t so much Jake as it was a hired goon. However, how terrible am I for saying when I thought Jake swooped in with the clap back on those B-613 goons with the quickness, I thought it made him more attractive? Stop judging me. I cannot be alone.

5. Did David really think it’d be that easy to find more agents?

After (we thought) Jake murked those would be witnesses, Daivd goes, “we’ll find some other agents.” Really? This man is so idealistic I bet he thinks if you spit enough on the ground, it’ll cure the drought in California.

6. How could Quinn, Huck, and Charlie not expect their rooms to be bugged?

Like, you’re B-613 and all you do is spy on people. You don’t think COMMAND (I feel like that needed to be in all caps) wouldn’t do the same to y’all? You’re not going to sweep the premises? I guess.

7. How is Charlie still alive?

No offense to Charlie, but this jerk has managed to last far longer than I ever imagined him to.

8. Where is Rowan Pope?

I was asking myself this the entire episode until the very end. Then, Daddy Pope swooped in with Olivia’s side piece, like “Blaow! Tadow! Watch out now, uh-huh It's the Lil' one and I'm not Bow Wow.”

9. So no one moved into the dead lady's apartment?

When Huck and Quinn rushed over to look out for Olivia, Jake appeared in Marla Gibbs’ old place — making me wonder how can a spot like that in D.C. not immediately go back and on the market and purchased or rented?

10. How dare they lie to Olivia?

Why wouldn’t Rosen and the rest of the Mystery Machine just tell Olivia what was going on? Wasn’t she trying to take down B-613 not long ago?

11. So what did you make of the Congressman letting his pops take the charge for his son storyline?

Honestly, I was more invested in the A storyline than this, but I do want to acknowledge that the dad who initially took the charge is a suburban goon.

12. What face did you make when Papa Pope showed up at Liv’s door with her new boo?

I can’t duplicate the Kerry Washington lip quiver, but know that I tried when this happened. I swear Daddy Pope could beat the hell out of Darth Vader with his big toe.

13. Wasn’t it nice to see Fitz finally assist Mellie?

I cannot end this recap without acknowledging that I appreciated Fitz fixing Mellie’s rift with Harmony. Granted, it took Mellie to check him on playing her position for a change, but thankfully, he was actually useful.

[Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder]