How Did Jake Gyllenhaal Get His 'Southpaw' Body? Blood, Sweat, and an Insane Amount of Ab Work

Our bodies hurt just reading about the Jake G. routine.

In the upcoming Southpaw, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a boxer who loses custody of his daughter after the death of his wife. It's very sad and serious. But what is neither sad nor serious is his ab game. That ab game is strong. And how he got it is crazy.

According to Yahoo, Gyllenhaal trained for over six months before filming began with former pro boxer Terry Claybon, working up to six-hour-per-day workouts with 2,000 sit-ups every single day. It's extra impressive when you remember that he just looked like this for last year's Nightcrawler, losing 30 pounds.

After training, he got back to his original pre-Nightcrawler weight and then gained 15 pounds of muscle on top of that.

Check out the trailer for Southpaw, below.

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