Rihanna Gave Herself a Queen Elizabeth Glow Up

Rihanna had time for IG today.

By Jasmine Washington

From stick figure avis to epic throwbacks, it's safe to say that you never know what to expect from Rihanna on social media.

Everyone's favorite "bad gal" used photos of Queen Elizabeth in her latest social media showdown and it's epic yet confusing AF.

Rihanna photoshopped the Queen's face on-to three of her most fashionable photos and paired them with unsuspecting song lyrics.

First up, added the queen's face to a photo of her sporting a green fur with matching thigh high boots and quoted Kendrick Lamar writing, "be humble," as the post's caption.

Next up, Rihanna used Mariah Carey's "y'all chickens is ash and I'm lotion," as the caption for her picture of the queen's face on her body as she sported a Saint Laurent Red Heart Fur and itty bitty denim shorts.

Lastly, Riri paid homage to Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane writing, "cause u f*** like a ?? f***, u just a amateur. #gucci," as the caption for the queen sporting Rihanna's Gucci ensemble from Coachella.

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