'Wonder Woman' Just Destroyed a Box Office Record in the Most Wonderful Way

Proof that representation can lead to profit.

By Jasmine Washington

Wonder Woman is doing big things in the box office.

Aside from bringing in over $100.5 million, the film has been dubbed the biggest domestic opening for a film directed by a woman.

Shattering the glass ceiling in Hollywood didn't come easy for the Patty Jenkins directed film. Before the film even hit theaters, there was controversy surrounding the heroine, Gal Gadot's lack of body hair, talks of the film not being feminist enough and concerns over female-only screenings.

Despite the drama, Wonder Woman went on to receive a 93% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes as well.

People all over social media couldn't help but bask in the success of the film and acknowledge the possibilities it could provide to other women directors on the rise.

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