Brandy Sings Her Heart Out On A Crowded Subway Train And No One Cares

Not even a Whitney Houston cover could get a reaction from these commuters.

Next time some musical soul boards your subway car and starts belting tunes, maybe you should take a closer look instead of avoiding eye contact all costs—it could end up being a Grammy-winning artist! Brandy Norwood took a break from her Broadway turn as Roxie Hart in Chicago to surprise New York commuters with an impromptu performance. She video taped the whole thing, but unfortunately for her, no one cared.

“I took a little subway ride after I’d left the gym,” the star commented after posting a YouTube clip of the moment. “I decided to hit the subway and sing my little heart out." She did a formidable version of Whitney Houston's "Home," but it wasn't enough to get a reaction from the crowd. But she did get some constructive feedback from one fellow rider: “We’ve seen this a million times. You’ve gotta do something different.” At least she wasn't the dreaded "Showtime" pole swinging, the usual entertainment/hazard on long subway rides.

It remains to be scene whether or not the crowd legitimately didn't know who she was, or just weren't interested. New Yorkers are tough to please, after all.