Dave Mustaine Fires His "Stupid Ass" Guitar Tech, Then Rips Him Apart In A New Video

The Megadeth frontman calls the poor guy "a total waste of skin and life."

Dave Mustaine is not very happy with how Megadeth's show in Brisbane, Australia went down last night. But instead of taking a critical look at the band, the crowd, the promoter, himself, or any one of the many reasons the show might have felt subpar, he put the blame entirely on his guitar tech. Apparently the guy was not pulling his weight, and he has since been relieved of his duties. In other words, Mustaine fired his ass and kicked it to the curb.

And we're not being harsh. Dave felt the need to make a video for his fans, ostensibly to apologize for the weak performance, but also to tear the unemployed "wheelman" a new one. "You deserve way better than this jerk-off did tonight," he addressed metalheads in his profanity-strewn tirade. "Megadeth is much better than what we appeared tonight. But you know what the funny thing is? He has to live with himself. And as of, like, right now, I’ll never see his stupid ass again.”

Check out the vid above. Come for the unbridled anger, stay for the confused camera fumbling at the end.