Donna Curves Alex to Protect Their "Situationship," But Then She Barks on Him For Being in the Strip Club

A typical case of "I'm not your girl, but you're my man."

I know you're reading the headline like:


But it will all make sense soon.

Donna has Alex on this wild emotional roller-coaster ride that is more dangerous than the Cyclone. While in Coney Island spending some QT together, Alex asks Donna about the status of their relationship. He needed some answers and lil' mama hit him with the ultimate playa line, "We're in a good situationship." She no doubt really likes Alex, but doesn't want to "tarnish" what they have with a title. Not only does she dub Alex on making things official, but she also suggests that he miss out on the Black Ink trip to New Orleans to spend more time with her, his not-girlfriend.

leslie jones

Ceaser "brought [Alex] into the shop," "[bailed him] out of jail" so he has to go to be there for the shop's grand opening and Donna is not trying to hear any of that.

michel scott

New Orleans could take Alex to next level and just hearing that gives Donna sudden amnesia. She goes awf on him saying,

This is how you think I'm going to be your girlfriend? I'm not about to have a dude that leaving me to party and do whatever the f---k he wants, in f---ing New Orleans for a month with Cease, Teddy, and Walt.

Alex is just dumbfounded like wait "Girlfriend?"


She's not about to let her man(?) go down there to be flashed all day by a-- and titties.

Which is exactly what happens anyway when he goes! In this Black Ink Crew highlight above. Donna couldn't get Alex to stay so she flew to him and shows up at Ceaser's birthday celebration. Shocked that Donna popped up on some pimple ish, Alex continues to play with stripper's booties, drumming away like a little bongo boy. He completely ignores her, only stopping to ask her "Are you deadass?". Y'all know Donna don't play so the to answer the question is, yes, yes she's deadass.

Is there ever such thing as a good situationship? Because Fabolous been told us there isn't, just saying. Don't miss an all new Black Ink Crew, next Wednesday at it's new time 10/9c!