Twitter Is Depressed After Witnessing Lil' Kim's Drastically Different Look

People think the rapper looks unrecognizable in a new IG post.

Here's one way to start off your week.

Lil' Kim posted a photo collage to Instagram this weekend that has a lot of people talking. Kim is sporting blonde hair in the photos, which she's done before, but what's getting the most attention is her face because, well, she looks really, really different.

Kim's new look, which could just be a result of photo editing or posing at strange angles, has people concerned for the rapper and sad about her ever-changing appearance. Peep the 'gram here.

Miami Heat!!! ???

A photo posted by Lil' Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee) on

"Miami Heat!!!" Kim wrote in the caption. Some seem to think that she might have had her skin lightened, others are saying her look is a result of air-brushing. Whatever the reason, the rapper looks like a new person.

Lil' Kim was a trending topic on Twitter last night and this morning, as a result of this new set of photos. The general consensus is this: People feel bad for her and some even feel responsible for her changing looks throughout the years. Regardless of how anyone might feel about her appearance, the only opinion that matters is Kim's own.

But as we know all too well, people will talk anyway. See some of Twitter's most depressed reactions to Kim's IG post here.