Who Is the Mystery Man That Renee Graziano Brought on Marriage Boot Camp?

Like, who are you, sir?!

Renee Graziano has her fans scratching their heads this week. The former Mob Wives is now appearing on WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with a guy, to be frank, we've never even heard of.

Joey is Renee's serious boyf on the show but the last public relationship Renee seemed to be in was with former NBA player Sam Mack. Renee says she and Joe have been in a relationship for two years and that it has remained a "secret" because he doesn't want to commit to her.

She says they signed up for Marriage Boot Camp because it's time to "sh-t or get off the pot." The Mob Candy business owner then shares that Joey and her infamous father Anthony Graziano are friends which contributes to the secrecy surrounding their relationship.

Renee fans are either being super supportive (but cautious of this mystery guy) or they're downright not here for it and suggesting that Renee just brought a stranger on the reality series. What do you think? Either way, we are super happy for Renee and hope she's doing great.