Reggie Calls Tami "Selfish" When She Reveals She No Longer Wants to Get Married

"I feel like you're going to go on down the highway and at 48, where does that leave me?"

Tami and Reggie seemed to be on the road to marriage, especially after Reggie started to look for engagement rings for his love. But now all bets for their white wedding may be off. In a sneak peek for an all new Basketball Wives, Tami finally breaks it to Reggie that she's been having second thoughts about them actually making it official and exchanging rings

Tami worries that marriage will change their dynamic and they're so good just the way they are. She also knows that Reggie wants children and she's not sure she'll ever be in a place where she'll be ready for another little one. Reggie calls Tami selfish for keeping these thoughts to herself for so long and thinks that she's putting too much pressure on herself. He feels like when two people are in love, that's just what it is but Tami's admittedly scared and thinks marriage will only set them up for failure.

Will Tami and Reggie ever walk down the aisle? Find out on an all new Basketball Wives, Sunday at 10/9c.