Lil Mama Serves Up Safe Sex Message + Mary J. Blige Impression In New "Sausage" Video

Breakfast is served.

For some reason, folks love to pick on Lil Mama — does the woman owe you people money? You can call the 25 year-old whatever you want, but you can't say that she isn't entertaining.

Remember her performance as the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes in the VH1 movie CrazySexyCool? How about the time she bum-rushed Jay & Alica Key's "Empire State of Mind" performance at the VMAs? Good times right?

The "Lip Gloss" rapper has returned to deliver her first musical offering in some time — with the safe-sex themed "Sausage." Flowing over Slick Rick's timeless "Mona Lisa" instrumental, the Harlemite fuses multiple dance cultures to form an uber energetic visual.

Throw in a look from Mary J. Blige's "Not Gon Cry" video, combined with vocals from "Seven Days" — and we have an impromptu homage to the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. Watch the video and let us know if Lil Mama delivered this time around or just ruined breakfast sausages forever.