Tommie Speaks Out About The Truth Behind Her Mugshots Saying "I'm Not Denying Any of the S-t That I Did"

You can't script this stuff.

Tommie Lee has already made her mark on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, from her love-hard passion to her play-zero-games attitude, a lot of you are definitely feeling this Georgia Peach. After Tommie's debut, you all were quick to pull out the dirt on her after Tiarra called out the fact that Tommie may have gotten in some trouble with the law a couple times (and by a couple, we mean, like, 30).

In an exclusive VH1 interview, Tommie clears up some of these rumors and let's us know what really went down.

So, last Monday was kind of a crazy night for you. There were pictures of your alleged mugshots all over social media. Are they really all your mugshots?

Tommie Lee: Some of them are, some of them ain't. I was dying laughing like, you just see question marks on that one mugshot. That b---- looked like she been drugged. Some of them sh--s is not even me. Half the time I've been on probation without going to prison. Half the time I was put on probation but I was still a badass. I still would violate probation. I wouldn't do community service so guess that you get booked again and you got a whole new mugshot. People act like I'm just a real criminal out here. I'm not denying any of the s--t that I did but that’s not the life I live right now.

How did you handle your time in jail?

The jail treated me so bad. I almost lost my first daughter and I was in jail for violating probation on drug charge her father had, and I didn't tell on him. So I went to f---ing jail. I was only 17 and at 19 I was on probation. I had an evil probation officer. He was mad because I used to wear my stomach out because I was still sexy pregnant. He said "You don't have no maternity clothes?" So I got smart with him one day. The next day he said, "Well, you don't have a job." And I said "I'm 8 months pregnant; I'm a liability, who the f--- is going to hire me?" I had to get rides to Clinton County. So, he told me since I can't find a job come up there at 8 o'clock every morning. Then I got up there one day at 8:05 he said, "Stand up and put your hands behind your back". I was 8 months f---- pregnant.

That sounds horrible. You mentioned in the preseason interview that you had your first daughter in jail. Can you tell us about that? Must've been traumatic.

Well, one day I was sitting in jail just leaking and I pressed the button like, please somebody, can I get checked? You know it’s hard to get medical attention in jail. Then they said if you press the button again you're getting locked down. So when it was our time to get out, I called my mom and I was like "ma, some s---t is coming out and it’s just coming out every day." Then the jail said if I press the button I'm going to get locked down. My mom was like, "Pee on yourself right now." So, I pissed on myself. When I did, the whole floor was going crazy. Everyone was screaming "We 'bout to have a baby!" So then they took my to the hospital and it was no fluid around my baby. I had to have an emergency C-section. Yea, that saved my daughter. I wasn't cuffed to the bed. The police were really nice. They let my family come in so it wasn't like a horrible transition. Then I had to go back to the jail and they rushed me to court. The judge went off. He was so f---ing mad! I'll never forget it.

How many children do you actually have?

I have two daughters. One is 12 and the other is 9. They done been everywhere. Every f--- Christmas we go to aspen to make sure they have a white Christmas. These kids have been to Disney world, Disneyland in LA. They done been all over. They could tell you sh that adult can't. That’s my only thing that’s going to get to me. When motherf---ers talk about my kids.

Is that why your girls aren't on your Instagram?

My two daughters live with me. I don't have a teenage daughter. I have a teenage little sister and a next door neighbor that I also take care of. Her mother passed. I love the kids. The only thing is I wish is that I didn't take them off my Instagram because that really hurt me. My manager thought it would be a great idea to take my kids down so people don't come after them.

In your preseason interview, you said you were involved in 5 deadly car accidents? How did that happen?

I was with my litter sister, Versace , who was 5 months pregnant. We were on our way back to Jersey because we were still in school while she was pregnant. You know the trucks that have the CV 4 radio? So all the trucks were moving to the right. They were moving out of the lane. So, we're doing regular speed in the fast lane and bong! A truck had dropped something off one of their trucks. It was a big iron metal thing and we were like slipping. And she was like 7 months pregnant with my little sister and she almost lost her from that. We all almost died.

That sounds insane.

Yea, I been in hella car accidents. The recent mug shot in 2014 was from a car accident I was in by myself in an Audi. I ran a stop sign but people were speeding and drunk on Ocean Drive in Miami. The reason why I got arrested, though, was because it was a hit and run. I got out and I just ran. I knew I was drinking so I said "Let me get the f---k up out of here." I wound up going back there though because I knew [the other people] were going to tell their side of the story because we were both wrong. We were on Ocean in Miami just lit. Oh and my BMW blew up on the way back from Miami when I was commuting back and forth. That s--t was crazy. I had so many material things but I didn't even sweat it because my life was more important. Me and my homeboy. It was so f-----g crazy. The car blew up and guess what? I had just dropped my kids off for the summer with their dad and were on way back but the car kept saying check engine. It would go off and would just keep saying it. I was telling my friend that this car keeps saying 'check engine' so I had to turn it off and turn it back on and then my friend said it’s good. We drove all the way from Miami to Atlanta and dropped the kids off. As soon as me and my homeboy were on the way back, we blew the f---k up. I was like that wasn't nothing but God.

It seems like you've had a crazy life.

It is girl. It’s non-stop drama. That’s why I don't understand. These people make up all these stories and shit. B---h I'm tryna run away from stories. I just want to live a calm life. That’s what I really want.

Is Tommie your actually name?

My real name is Latisha Jefferson. Tommie is my actual stage name. It was the nickname that I was called as a kid for being a tomboy. They called me Tommie or Tomboy so yea, that's my stage name.

Were you prepared to be on such a highly rated show like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

No. I really wasn't. Actually it's kinda weird because yesterday, I was talking to God in the shower and it just came over me. "This is want you always wanted to do. You always said your life was crazy and you wanted a reality show and you finally get the opportunity to do it. You haven't even really sat down to thank God and you're so ungrateful. You run away from the people in the middle of the street, you quit the damn job every f---- time. It's like, when are you going to be grateful for the position that you’re in? Don't be scared and just embrace it. God put you here." I would be scared about going back to jail. That's my biggest fear. You know what I'm saying? That's kind of why I'm doing it... to change my life. It's kinda like forcing me to never ever do anything illegal again. And I just want to thank Him. It's like a weight was lifted off me. And I'm really apologetic to God for not even being appreciative.

What exactly do you do for a living?

Oh I do Tommie s---t, baby, I'm an entrepreneur. Right now I'm working with multiple sources of income. I put up money for shows. We just booked Future in the Bay. So I put in a lot of money with my promoter friend and that's what we do. We split everything down the middle. Mo betta mo cheddar. We have houses and s--t around here that we own and we fix up to help college students out and stuff like that, kinda like a dorm. We have like five houses right now in the city of Atlanta. A lot of people that go to Clark [University] and Morehouse stay there. It's fully furnished. You move in and you just pay your half of your room. It's been going real good. Then I started taking more money and flipping it again with him on the promoting side of things and getting these artists. We booked Meek Mill for the fight in Vegas. That was real big. That was the most money we ever put into somebody, like $180,000. It was a good turnout. Right now social media is eating me up. It’s kinda like a weight off my shoulders so I can go on to positive s--t so I can go on and change me life. There’s no turning back now.