VOTE: Did Phor Really Ph-k Up His Client's Face Tattoo?

"Put my heart and soul into this portrait of her son who passed away and she still wasn't pleased."

To say that Phor's self-esteem was crushed is an understatement, after the 9Mag tattoo artist hesitantly marked this woman's face for life with an image of a man she doesn't recognize as her son.

Even though the client witnessed the step-by-step process from stencil to fruition, she was adamant that Phor did an underwhelming job of nailing this piece. Portraits in general are a tough task to tackle and a location like a face can be intimidating especially under these sad circumstances. Phor, however, was very much pleased with his end result until the woman looked in the mirror. The woman's daughter also tried to check her mom by saying the tattoo looks exactly like the image that was originally presented.

Phor beat himself so much over this that he took to Instagram shortly after the session to express how much this damaged his drive as an artist.