Amara is Disgusted That She Was Ever Friends With Veronica Vega in this Week's Check Yourself For Love & Hip Hop Miami'

"Veronica is used to getting it in her face. That's not new to her. She probably enjoyed it."

Once upon a time not long ago, two Latina entertainers were on track to becoming the best of friends. An Afro insult and lack of support later, Amara La Negra regrets ever getting close to Veronica Vega.

"YASSSSS" is Amara's sentiment when Jojo Zarur baptizes Veronica for being disrespectful in this week's Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Miami. Young Hollywood is feeling himself because these two women are at odds and he credits his "papi tornado" self for their fallout. "Just by the way [they] are dressed, sitting and acting," Amara says, anyone can tell the character difference between Veronica and Jojo. While Jojo is poised trying to remain "calm and mother f---ing collected," Amara is shocked that Veronica has her "legs on top of the table...spread out like she's used to." Yikes. Judging by Amara's reaction to Jojo coming for Veronica, something tells us this friendship is a wrap.

Meanwhile, Trick Daddy's hella confused because he doesn't know if he wants to be Chinese Nicky's step-son or Chinese Kitty's step-papa. Take a moment to figure that out.

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