Che Mack Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her in This 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Sneak Peek

Looks like Made Man made a big mistake...

Che Mack had really been going through it since she mixed business with friendship and delivered Pooh's message for Karlie Redd. She lost her job as a DJ, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak peek, we find out that it can always get worse.

Che frantically calls Shekinah at 3 a.m. after bartending to support her family. The reason for the late night phone call? When she returned home, she found out that her boyfriend, Made Man was cheating. She is devastated, particularly because she put her life on hold to raise their adorable daughter Gingy and to support his dreams, but also because this isn't the first time he has been unfaithful.


Che refuses to be stepped out on again. But what will she do? She explains to her friend, "I will be a sucker for staying, or I'm gonna be lonely for leaving." Watch the clip above to hear Shekinah's take on the whole thing and tune in to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday at 8/7c to find out what Che decides.