Brittish Williams On The Reunion Fight, Plastic Surgery, Lorenzo's Infidelity + More

Brittish Williams's first season of Basketball Wives LA started off with a bang with the 24-year-old businesswoman asking Draya Michele if she was a ho and picking fights with Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo about Googling b*tches and dry-a** hellos, respectively. The other ladies didn't even invite Brittish to Palm Springs to avoid the potential of her going off in any which direction but turns out they didn't need her help to bring the drama.

After last night's turnt up show, we caught up with Brittish who was fairly quiet and reserved at the reunion. We got her thoughts on the Sundy-Brandi fight, plastic surgery, how she really reacted to fiancé, Lorenzo Gordon's slip-up and other thoughts on her first season of Basketball Wives LA.

On What Went Down Between Sundy And Brandi In Paris:


“I really tried to play both sides. What [Sundy] said was very distasteful. I can say very mean things and I can be reckless but there are just certain lines you don’t cross. It kind of leaves you at a loss for words. I don’t have any children and I’ve never been pregnant so I don’t know what it feel is like to be pregnant or to not be able to get pregnant but I did lose my aunt from pancreatic cancer. It’s terrible.”

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On The Fight At The Reunion And Sundy's Apology:


“I wish Sundy was a lot more apologetic. She’s saying sorry just to say sorry because that’s what she feels like she needs to do. I mean she needs to do something – send an Edible Arrangement or something so [Brandi] really feels like you’re sorry. She’s just saying it to clean up her rep or clean up her act. [When they started fighting] at the reunion, I didn’t think any of those things were going to happen. When I see audience running up on stage – I don’t know who they’re coming or what’s happening. I mean how is the audience on stage? That was just crazy.”

On Getting Lumped With Jackie And Sundy:


“Jackie’s never done anything to me. So whatever she’s done to Malaysia or Draya – she’s never done anything to me so I love her and I will until the day she does something to me. I got to know Sundy better because of [Basketball Wives LA] and I don’t talk to her outside of the show. She blocked me on Twitter and Instagram. We didn’t even get into anything. This was just last week. She blocked me and I blocked her back. And I don’t know why. I told Jackie and she was like, I don’t know why that happened. I haven’t done anything to her. I have no clue. I laugh. It’s like, whatever."

On Being Treated Differently For Being The Youngest Cast Member:


“Absolutely, they always had something to say. ‘Oh, the baby wants to talk to us.’ Or ‘Brittish is 23.’ ‘Oh, Brittish is immature.’ ‘Brittish has growing to do.’ They’ve all got six years plus on me. I feel like I’m very mature for my age. At 24, I’m the youngest basketball wife, ever. I wasn’t going to be like Draya [her first season] crying because everybody’s picking on me. That’s not who I am. I understand that they’re older than me but we all drive the same car, we all are engaged, we all have companies.”

On Her Friendships With The Brandi, Malaysia and Draya:


“We don’t have each other’s numbers. I see the interviews they do – I saw what [Draya] said about me at the reunion and I kinda laughed because she’s funny to me. We wrapped on a good note and that’s stuff you didn’t see. I don’t have any bad blood with any of them. I understand that this is a show. I think we should be able to have an argument and then we should be able to have lunch and say, what’s up. But with Brandi and Sundy that’s a different situation.”

On Seeing Herself On TV And Plastic Surgery:


“I look at myself and I think I look fat on camera. I lost 15 lbs. I work out all the time now. I gave up meat. Maybe [plastic surgery]. No facial, no face stuff – I might get my boobs done or something. I told myself when I moved to Hollywood I wasn’t going to let it change me or let it make me insecure but that all went out the window now." [laughs]

On Her Co-stars’ Plastic Surgery:


“All of them [have had plastic surgery!] Draya, Malaysia and Brandi. They told me they did. Draya had her boobs done but denies getting her butt done. Malaysia had the fat from her stomach and butt put into her boobs and Brandi had her boobs done. Draya had her lips done, maybe. They all had their teeth done. I’m not sure about Jackie. Sundy hasn’t – I talked about it once with her."

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On Her Relationship With Lorenzo And His Alleged Cheating:


“Me and Lorenzo are best friends. I don’t see myself being with anyone else but him. [When I first found out about the cheating rumors] I left for like a week. I wouldn’t answer my phone. I went crazy when I saw it on a blog. ‘When was he ever in Houson?’ And I laughed. Then I saw the pictures and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is you.’ I like blacked out. I don’t know what I did—I think I took his truck. I was like, ‘F*** you!’ I threw my ring and was like, ‘I’m never going to talk to you again.’

Then I talked to my dad - and me and my dad have a very close relationship - and he was like, ‘You know men make mistakes and if you really love him you need to sit down and have a conversation with him.’ So we sat down and had a conversation and I forgave him and we haven’t talked about it since [the reunion.] I didn’t know he was going to do that. [Now] we are in a great place and trying to figure out what’s going on with our wedding. We are just planning stuff and getting prepared and being a couple.”

On Her First Season Of Basketball Wives LA And Another Season:


“I really enjoyed [being on the show.] It was an experience. You guys really got to see me mature. I’m still going to say crazy things and pop-off because that’s who I am and I’m working on that but I’m a work in progress. I’m trying to be as graceful as possible.

I’d love it for the girls to get past all of this and be able to get together but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m just really confused about the future of Basketball Wives LA."